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alright... alright..

okay.. this... this just has to be addressed...

*disclaimer: this is just my opinion and nothing personal...

first... allow me to list the pros of the popular TV show, American Idol. #1. it's slightly entertaining to a point where you can make fun of other people and make you feel better about yourself. #2. uh.. well.... i guess that's about it. everything else is just depressing.

The cons... now, i could go on forever in this list so I'll point out 3 key issues. #1. it's pop music culture at its most disgusting state of existence. i have never seen the music industry and the television network simultaneously sink so low to make a buck or two off of public interest and a "talent show". i use "talent show" in quotes, because it references something i could've seen in high school.. no, no.. wait.. grade school. #2. the weakest link for wannabe singers with Paula Abdul and an equal opportunity third party in order to maintain PCness. nuff said. #3. what a way to ruin some good songs... poor al green. this show has just turned me off for the last time to the whole pursuit of my dream that started when I was 12, 10 years ago, when I saw Nirvana play for the first time.

you know... i have to add something else that kinda hits harder towards the mva's on MTV-- there's a saying [which I am going to bastardize right now] that goes: in lue of creativity, there is sexuality. meaning- as far as entertainment goes, with a lack of creativity, sexuality is exploited in order to divert the attention away from the extreme lack of creative effort- so we basically are "fooled" into taking interest in something that actually has no real valid weight in society nor credibility except for some person to fantasize about. it�s not real and it�s not healthy for you and the other human being. for example: i like britney spears. why? not cause she's a great singer - heh, ask ANY guy if they like her... you won't find them saying, "She's a great singer and has an amazing voice." Fuck that. they're full of shit if they say that and should be deported.

so i leave you with this thought:
your brain does not get uglier over the years, does not need plastic surgery, and never goes out of style.
use it... it does work. = )

with that and all of this said - visit my community and write with your mind = D
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ok, i justy have to say, Brittiany IS ugly as sin. I would fuck her in spite only, just to be the guy who didn't want to fuck her and did anyways for a laugh. And her voice is unique, and if used in a blues scene could have been something real.
As for your bitching about American Idol, just don't watch it. What were you stupid enough to watch "Pop Stars" on WB? C'mon we know it's crap, I knew it was crap, so I never watched it.
As far as using sex, and sexuality as compensation, sure it happens. What are you getting at? If anyone hasn't heard the phrase "sex sells" speek up now and get kicked in the shins. I don't blame you for venting at ALL. I know it sucks, it sucks sucks sucks. The media and government is trying hard as hell to push this candy coated, mind filtered DUNG down our throats for a reason I'm having a hard time understanding. But for whatever the reason it's not working on me. I don't watch much TV, never any MTv, only rare occasions, I don't get a boner for brittiany, shakira, christina, or any of the blonde freaks who flaunt their breasts like they were nobel peace prizes, and I refuse to let go of the ideal that music is FOR the fans. So fuckem, all sheep, don't follow the flock. Just leave the TV off, turn off the radio and put in your CD's, ignore it all.
i have excorcised the demons. = )
all is good.