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....Is NOT a FISH that YOu Can CATCH's Journal

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2nd July 2005

boddahlovesyou11:27pm: Did anyone get to see OLP at the Live 8 concert ? I had to miss it and I was just wondering how it was (what am I saying, it's OLP...so it must have been GREAT!!) Thanx!

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13th December 2004

starsand1:44pm: Read more...Collapse )

12th September 2004

pyrate1018:23pm: Heya!
lol this community looks really old, but maybe I can bring it back to life? Anyway here's some little questions I thought up and answered for you, and first off I LOVE OUR LADY PEACE!!! They ROCK! So, without further ado:

Favorite OLP album:<\b> Clumsy
Favorite OLP song: Superman's Dead
Lyric I identify with most:I remember falling, I remember watching... I remember drowning, falling for your lies (from One Man Army in the Happiness... album.)
OLP albums I have: Gravity, Clumsy and wanting to get Spiritual Machines.
Other bands I listen to: Modest Mouse, Nirvana, Kill Hannah, Death Cab for Cutie, The Cure, Evanescence, The White Stripes, Radiohead (to name a few)
Why I like OLP: I love Raine's voice. It's awesome. And I identify with alot of their lyrics.

Current Mood: hopeful

14th October 2003

hockey_girl8:49am: Hey hey! *waves*
Hey guys!

I'm new to this community, so I just wanted to say HI! *waves* My name's Jenny, I live in Montreal and I'm a HUGE Our Lady Peace fan! I'm actually part of their street team, OneManArmy.

I'll be waving my hand
Watching you drown
Watching you scream
Quiet or loud.
Current Mood: bouncy

4th September 2003

iridescentsoul8:51pm: newness
hi, I'm new around here. My name is Karissa and uhh, I love OLP! :D
Current Mood: good

9th August 2003

blackmettalic8:36am: Non-groupie community
Hey all! Just promoting a community for non-groupie girls. No particular types of music, just a love for music and those who make it.

So come join _bandaids and say blackmettalic sent ya!

Hope to see you there!
Current Mood: bouncy

15th July 2003

friginado11:15pm: Inspired by littlexbird I made this poll so that we can get to know a bit more about each other. :)
Poll #157223 OLP Poll

Where are you from?

How long have you been a fan?

Less then 1 year
1-2 years
5 or more years

Favorite album

Spiritual Machines

Favorite band member(s)

Raine Maida
Duncan Coutts
Jermy Taggart
Steve Mazur

Favorite OLP song lyric:

Any thing else to add?

Take it damnit!
Current Mood: productive

6th July 2003

littlexbird10:20pm: Hello, My name is Ghen. :]

This community hasn't been really up to beat, so I'd thought I'd say a quick hi. I've been madly in love with OLP ever since I first heard Clumsy. I have all their albums, lots of band merch.. (still trying to find that perfect OLP poster to put up in my room though.) I've been to two concerts of their's (Spiritaul Machines and Gravity). I'm not too happy about the new album, so I'm excited to see if their next one will be better. :]
Oh.. my favorite song of all time is Julia, the piano version. <3
I'm always up for convo on OLP, so IM me on AIM Goddessofnerds or xratedlittlebird
PS I miss Mike. ;.;
Current Mood: lonely

16th May 2003

friginado6:17pm: Fun Fun
A Live Album is coming out :) I cant wait!
1. "All For You"
2. "Superman's Dead"
3. "Not Enough"
4. "Naveed/Life"
5. "Innocent"
6. "Bring Back The Sun"
7. "One Man Army"
8. "Is Anybody Home"
9. "Our Time Is Fading"
10. "Are You Sad"
11. "Whatever"
12. "Clumsy"
13. "Starseed"
14. "Somewhere Out There"
Current Mood: excited

29th December 2002

ibelongtoyou4:17pm: hoodie
[sorry for cross-posting for multiple OLP community members]

does anybody know where i could get an OLP hoodie? thankiez
Current Mood: contemplative

21st December 2002

alannak12:00pm: Has anyone bought the tape of OLP at Hammerstein Ballroom on e-bay?

13th December 2002

ibelongtoyou10:54pm: pretty cool OLP survey that i didnt make-- everyone take it okies?
Name: Julie
Age: 25+7-17
Favourite OLP song(s)?: Superman's Dead, Clumsy, 4 am, Somewhere Out There {yea, classic}
Favourite OLP video(s)?: i dont like MTV or VH1 and we dont have any extended cable
How many OLP concerts have you been to? one
Have you ever met them? no....but, not yet ;) *Wink*
What kind of OLP merchandise do you have?: a Gravity teeshirt, uhh CDs (duh), a memory in my heart of their wonderous live performance
Favourite OLP cd? uhh Clumsy or Gravity
If you could choose 4 singles from Gravity which ones would they be? "Somewhere out There" (yes im sorry the lyrics have personal meaning), "All for You", "Not Enough", "Innocent" (I wish i was a dancer...)
Current Mood: okay

30th November 2002

ibelongtoyou8:58pm: Update
From MTV.com:
Live from the R&R Hall of Fame

once there click on all airtimes

They said its:
Sun 12/01 @ 1:00 AM
Wed 12/04 @ 8:00 PM
Sun 12/08 @ 1:00 AM
Wed 12/11 @ 8:00 PM
Current Mood: excited

28th November 2002

ibelongtoyou11:49pm: !!
MTV's Encores
November 28, 2002
If you missed MTV's broadcast of Our Lady Peace's performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you can tune it for the following reruns:
Sunday, December 1 at 1:00 a.m. ET
Wednesday, December 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET
Sunday, December 8 at 1:00 a.m. ET

from ourladypeace.com
Current Mood: excited
ibelongtoyou1:05pm: OLP :D
Did anybody else see OLP on MTV last night, live from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? I didn't see the whole thing, someone told me about it online and I ran as fast as I could to the T.V. and caught "Somewhere Out There" + "4 am" does anyone know what else they played or how long?
Current Mood: depressed

10th November 2002

lauren_joan12:26pm: I'm new. Please don't eat me.
OLP communities = goodness.
What other bands are you kids into? I'm one of the Stone Temple Pilots, Everclear, Incubus, Tea Party, Silverchair, System of a Down and Tool persuasion. Rawk on.
Current Mood: contemplative

29th October 2002

friginado2:36pm: Yes I know I'm a sucky community keeper...
I was just wondering if any one is going to the OLP free concert at the Air Canada Center on the first? I really want to but since I'm in Niagara Falls, NY not Canada it was kind of complicated since I don't drive nor know my way around Canada sooo that leaves Lisa out :(
O and did any one go to the show that was last week? I found out about it too late and didn't get to go to that one either :( But I'd like to know how it was!!
Current Mood: curious

15th September 2002

friginado1:48pm: Request
I'm thinking we need a cool icon for this community but I do not have the time or the software to come up with one, soooo If any one wants to make a cool (maybe animated) user icon for us I would be super happy :)
You can either post it here, or e-mail it to me Friginado@aol.com
Or maybe a new back ground or sumthin.

<3 Frig
Current Mood: bored

14th September 2002

blackmettalic2:31pm: new member
Just wanted to say hello to you guys. I just saw that OLP is going to be on not only Leno on Monday, but Conan on Friday! Yay!
Current Mood: happy

13th September 2002

dancingmullets8:42am: When I first fell in love...

Everyone post about how much they like THIS or THAT about OLP.

I'm going to do a concert.

My first OLP concert was WAAAY back, I've seen them twice since.
It was when they were touring with Everclear.
I have NEVER ever been to another concert that matched that one.
Raine was the most passionate singer I had ever seen!
They played through their Naveed CD, and then their Clumsy CD.
The place was sold out, which is really good here. (Saskatoon, SK)
He had the crowd at his fingertips all night, and he'd only have to say one word of one song, and the crowd would start signing it.
When OLP was done, they left the stage.
We cried "ENCORE" for almost 25 minutes, and they came back and did a 1/2 hour encore!

12th September 2002

friginado10:10pm: Hey there
Okay. Since not much has been happening here lately, I figured I post a question since I guess its up to me to keep this thing interesting...
What's every ones favorite Our Lady Peace song?
I think mine would have to be Thief.

5th September 2002

revealingonline9:06am: alright... alright..
okay.. this... this just has to be addressed...

*disclaimer: this is just my opinion and nothing personal...

first... allow me to list the pros of the popular TV show, American Idol. #1. it's slightly entertaining to a point where you can make fun of other people and make you feel better about yourself. #2. uh.. well.... i guess that's about it. everything else is just depressing.

The cons... now, i could go on forever in this list so I'll point out 3 key issues. #1. it's pop music culture at its most disgusting state of existence. i have never seen the music industry and the television network simultaneously sink so low to make a buck or two off of public interest and a "talent show". i use "talent show" in quotes, because it references something i could've seen in high school.. no, no.. wait.. grade school. #2. the weakest link for wannabe singers with Paula Abdul and an equal opportunity third party in order to maintain PCness. nuff said. #3. what a way to ruin some good songs... poor al green. this show has just turned me off for the last time to the whole pursuit of my dream that started when I was 12, 10 years ago, when I saw Nirvana play for the first time.

you know... i have to add something else that kinda hits harder towards the mva's on MTV-- there's a saying [which I am going to bastardize right now] that goes: in lue of creativity, there is sexuality. meaning- as far as entertainment goes, with a lack of creativity, sexuality is exploited in order to divert the attention away from the extreme lack of creative effort- so we basically are "fooled" into taking interest in something that actually has no real valid weight in society nor credibility except for some person to fantasize about. it�s not real and it�s not healthy for you and the other human being. for example: i like britney spears. why? not cause she's a great singer - heh, ask ANY guy if they like her... you won't find them saying, "She's a great singer and has an amazing voice." Fuck that. they're full of shit if they say that and should be deported.

so i leave you with this thought:
your brain does not get uglier over the years, does not need plastic surgery, and never goes out of style.
use it... it does work. = )

with that and all of this said - visit my community and write with your mind = D
Current Mood: aggravated

4th September 2002

seizetheday5:47pm: Hey everyone! YAY.. I've been looking for a OLP community. :) Anyone here seeing OLP in Richmond on the 21st?

3rd September 2002

lifeintherain1:24am: Gravity Poll..... I mean it this time!
ok excuse that post... please go here and cast a vote on how you feel about the album "Gravity". Apearantly livejournal won't let me post my poll in my entry so I had to make it a link. Again sorry about having to make it 2 posts.
Current Mood: cranky
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